Meet: @WLStories 

Meet @wlstories the fastest growing, body positive, weight loss support community in the world. We permanently feature inspirational weight loss transformations, body positive accomplishments and the real stories behind each persons journey! No gimmicks, no paid features, everyone can get a feature regardless of follower size. Just inspiration to help you connect and realize your own WL journey is possible!!! Everyone has a story; what will your story be?

Meet Keith @6months100pounds    keiths-transformation

Hi, I’m Keith. I created @wlstories. When I first started my journey I honestly didn’t have a clue where to start. I googled everything. I used to collect images to inspire myself. When my phone’s memory became full I decided to dump all the pics on IG. It turns out I wasn’t alone. My account started getting thousands of followers. Then I did what was incredibly scary at the time; I posted my own progress. I’ll never forget that “Hello world, this is me” moment. That one moment of bravery changed things forever. I started getting dozens of messages a day. Some asking for help others just thanking me for showing them what is possible.

I love helping people, it’s what I live for. I hope to inspire people to live healthy, happy, prosperous lives. I hope to be for someone what I wish I had when I first started. To help someone realize that all they need is the absolute faith that they CAN do it. But my story is unique. Not everyone can relate to my story, my life, my faith, my goals. So about a year and a half after my journey began I created @Wlstories in hopes there is someone out who will see one of the stories I post and BAM in that one moment of awesomeness have everything just click for them. They find someone they can relate to, be inspired by and connect with……That’s my goal at least.

I (We) promise…..

We will never be driven by profit…ever. We will never charge for information, inspiration, coaching etc. We will never sell you on any shakes, pills, paid meal plans, or anything else that is currently out there. It’s hard enough to lose weight let alone when someone is trying to get you to pay them for something that may or may not even have an impact.

We will share…..Everything we know about weight loss, inspiration, success. Anything we can pass on I’m happy to with a smile on my face. If you have a question please ask. Even if we don’t know the answer, we will help find an answer.

We will be there for you as much as we can…..We know this is a tough journey. We know some of you feel alone or lost in this journey. You have our word we will always try to be there for you within reason.

We will only be positive….We might try to be funny sometimes, we might make fun of ourselves but we will never allow anyone to ever encourage anything that isn’t positive and helpful to the entire community. Be positive and think positively and it will make all the difference in the world.

We will make mistakes…..Yep were only human. We don’t know everything nor will I ever. We’ve been there, done that and want to help others do same. If we make a mistake we will do our absolute best to let you know and make up for it asap.

Thank you!