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Why fund-raise? 
Collectively wlstories cost about $18 bucks a month for hosting and domains. This is my fault as I take pride in the community and get a lil fancy with websites. (Which I built myself.) I really don’t mind as this is and always will be a passion project for me. Someone suggested an affiliate program. Basically full disclosure anything you buy off amazon using the link below wlstories will get 4%.
If there is any profits raised I plan on putting it BACK INTO the community. Ideally free swag like shirts and cool contests / giveaways.

I will never know who actually uses this or not so there is no benefits I can give anyone who uses it. I will always treat everyone in the community 100% equally…well that’s not 100% true. I’ll always treat you 100% by how much of a nice person you seem like and how well I see you treat others. (Fun fact I look at your IG page before I post someone!)