Q. What exactly is this? 

       A. This is a laid back and relaxed social event. The purpose of this meetup is to make strong, life-long friends in the health and fitness community. On top of meeting new friends, this is an opportunity to meet and mingle with many people you might already follow from the Instagram fitness community!  Either way, this is an opportunity to meet some amazing people!

Q. What time does the event start?

       A. Gates open at 5:30 pm


Q. Can I bring my spouse / significant other / kids / friends?

       A. YES!!! Bring any one you want!!  I know it can sometimes be scary for people to meet people they never meet before. Especially when they are alone! One of the benefits of hosting the meetup at a baseball game is you can bring someone with you who might be more interested in watching the game while you mingle and make new friends! However if you come alone I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE YOU WONT FEEL ALONE!! 


Q. How do I get my ticket(s)? 

       A. You can pay with any major credit card via PayPal! Click Here Or if you want to pay via Venmo just send Keith a message on IG. 


Q. How can I help out or be more involved?

       A. We need your help spreading the word!! Please share images Click Here on your social media. If you’re willing to print out and leave some flyers are your gym / community center etc that would be AWESOME! 

If you are interested in help setting up before the event just send Keith a message on IG; Click Here. Or you can add me as a friend on Facebook: Click Here.  


Q. I’m interested in having my company get involved with either a  sponsorship or donation. How can I? 

       A. Just send Keith a message on IG; Click Here. Or you can add me as a friend on Facebook: Click Here.


Q. How long will this event be?

       A. No idea! One of the best parts about the baseball game is we know when it starts but only a rough guess when it ends. Most games will last 2.5-3 hours. 10 mins after the game there will be a fireworks show that usually lasts 10-15 mins. After the fireworks, we will pack up and meet everyone at the AFTER PARTY!! This is new this year, and will be hosted at New York Kitchen and Lounge


Q. I’m coming from out of town… Any suggestions on where to stay?

       A. Click Here