Wlstories is first and foremost a community. Due to the size of the community we have a bit of a wait list to be featured. However, while you wait there are MANY ways you cans hare your story right now with the community!

Facebook-IconFacebook: The second best way to submit your story is via Facebook! You can do this simply by sending us a message on our Facebook page. Please include your transformation pic and bio in the proper wlstories format. Special note; submitting this way makes it really easy to accidentally ignore the character limit.


Special note for Facebook: You can post your picture and story RIGHT NOW by posting on our Facebook wall! It’s a great way to share your story with the community while waiting to be featured on our page!

RE-POST OPPORTUNITY!!Posting your story on our fb wall might get your post randomly selected to be featured (again) on our IG. We highly encourage everyone who’s been featured already to post their story update on our Facebook wall. This allows you the opportunity for the community to see your update and is a great way to spread your story to a new social platform!  Your story update on our Facebook also has NO CHARACTER SIZE LIMITS!

     Share your story update by posting on our Facebook wall!


Wltogether.com Is our free community support forum. There is an entire forum dedicated to sharing your story and photos. Once a week we highlight a story posted on the forum on our IG page! This is actually the fastest way to get featured as not many people take the time to post on the forum!