Please let me know ahead of time if you can’t give me at least 10-15 mins of your undivided attention. (This includes not driving!** I prefer you live through the posting process.) We can always re-schedule. Sounds strict but let me quickly explain myself: Wlstories is a hobby of mine. This is NOT my job. This is a passion project of mine. It takes me time to organize / prep / post your story and I usually do so while at my real job. Your not just getting a feature, you’re getting my time. All I ask is that you respect it. I’ve had more then a few posts take 40+ mins. More times then not I’ve stared at my phone for 10+ mins waiting for a simple response. I may not be in the same room with you but I’m online with you, working to get your posts up and for it to get as much attention as possible. Unlike other accounts I will never ask for your money, but I will ask for your time. Thank you in advance!



To be posted I need to ask you to agree to not post another transformation page after us for at least 4 full days.

(Click here to see example of proper post back)

——–Copy below this line——–

Meet @wlstories a transformation page created by Keith @6months100pounds Weight loss is hard enough without someone trying to sell you something! @wlstories is a body positive weight loss support group that posts inspirational transformations and the REAL stories behind each journey! No paid features. No ads. Just inspiration to help you connect and realize your own journey is possible! Click their bio link to go to their free private Facebook support group too! Everyone has a story; what will your story be? –> @wlstories

——–Copy above this line——–

(Please test to make sure you were able to copy / paste…yes it’s an odd request but roughly 20% of folks have an issue with this.)

What you need to do:

  1. Please post a screenshot of our page with the bio above please also include as many hashtags as possible thank you.
  2. Please wait until we post you.
  3. Please make sure you follow us. (It looks awkward if you don’t.)
  4. After posting us on your page please don’t post again for at least 8 hours. (This makes us your top post on your page for those 8 hours.)

You have 8 mins max to post us back after we post you. The sooner you post us after we post you the BETTER your post does on our page. The higher the ratio of likes per view a post gets in the first 10 mins determines the % of our audience that will see the post in the next 24 hours!  *The post back artificially inflates those numbers giving you a larger % of our audience.

However, please wait until after we post you to take the screen shot that your your photo is in the bottom left hand corner. 

If you read the above please respond via DM back with the code word: Florida*

(*Proof I know you actually read all the above)


How you can help your post trend on our page:

A. On your IG stories feed, please mention that you’ve been posted on @wlstories. It doesn’t matter what you say or what you post just as long as you make sure you tag us in the IG story. The algorithm picks up the tag. Something like: “Check out my post on @wlstories” works perfect.

B. Please share our post of you on your Facebook page. (Click share link on your post.)

Click here top go to our Facebook page:

C. If you send us a message on our Snapchat we will send you something special. 🙂

UserName: wlstories


Why do we ask for a post back:

Several reasons: 1. The algorithm mentioned above. 2. We are a not for profit weight loss & body positive support group. The post back serves as a way to pay it forward to the next person we post. And allows us to filter out the people who want to be posted for the right reasons and not to just gain a lot of followers. 3. The post on your page also serves as a landing destination for people who may wish to ask questions / post a comment. A part of being posted is to answer any and all questions from the community, be as supportive as possible and generally be an ambassador for the online fitness community. We don’t offer “shout outs” this is a support group. We are all here to help each other not gain followers. (Although generally being posted will result in a LARGE increase to your followers.)

Everyone from 500-500,000 followers all agree to the same rules. It’s not about traffic, it’s not about popularity. It’s about respect for this community and the principal of paying it forward.