Next: How to submit your story to wlstories.

(Note: You should only be at this page if you already signed up to our google doc sign up sheet…Otherwise we will never see your submission.)

Before you begin: Get involved in the community! Write positive comments, like pics, spread the love. Wlstories is a unconditional support group.

Submit bio in our format:

Meet: @yourusername and then your story: include why u started, what drove you, what was your motivation, what you hope to do with your account in the future and what does body positive mean to you? Finally: end it with: “Starting tip:” (Literally use the term “Starting Tip:”) What’s the #1 advice you would you give someone just starting. Feel free to add anything else you feel in important to tell your story. (1200 Character limit) For reference: This is 2-3 DM size text messages. Lots of free apps avail to help you count characters.

Bio Rules:

Write in the first person. Do not post your last name unless you’re a celebrity. Only your screen name can be mentioned. No selling anything, No product placement, Please only tag yourself in the bio. (A the beginning after “Meet:”) Avoid using terms “follow me.” or “check out my page.” No hashtags, no emojis, no “putting down” other methods of weight loss.

Tips: Be careful of character size. Use abbreviation when possible. Ex: September = Sep.   “My name is” = I’m   “The number one piece of advice I would give to someone just starting…” = Starting Tip.


1. Please submit 2 pic side by side full body with face in both before / after photos. No text, emojis, and yes I really do have to say this; No nudity, No “hand bras” and please no snap chat filters (unless your transformation was from human to puppy…in which case you will automatically move to the front of the line.)

2. Send at least 2-4 options.

Tips: Try to make the photos as clear / not blurry as possible. HD works best. For after photos it’s understandable if the quality isn’t as great but frankly the after photo should be clear / not blurry. Try to smile / look happy in the after. It sends the wrong message if the before photo has a smile and after looks mean / upset. The best advise I have is to take a look at the photos we’ve previously posted.


We can get backed up and urge your patience. We don’t always post in order. If we see you being active on wlstories, posting positive comments, or are noticed for your kindness you will move to the top of the list! We believe humanity, good will and stewardship should be rewarded!

When you are done please send the bio and photos to the email of your country:

Special Note for US features: Once you send the email please send a text to: 813-539-5433 at let us know you’ve submitted the email.

(You will receive a text when it’s your turn to be posted.)