There are two ways to be a part of our YouTube Channel!

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OR Just submit your video story to WLStoriesTV! 

Instructions & Format:

Video #1: 

Bio format: Similar to the @wlstories IG format. To begin to introduce yourself by mentioning your IG screen name, first name. (Please don’t mention your last name. It’s a privacy thing.) and then: “This is my Weight Loss Story” …What you say is all up to you. Ideally; include why you started, what drove you, what was your motivation, what obstacles were in your way? Explore the mental aspects of weight loss.  What you hope to do in the future? What does “body positive” mean to you? A brief word about wlstories and how the community helps you would be beyond awesome! Please end it by offering a “Starting tip:” A small piece of advice you would give to a someone just starting their journey.

Please aim for at least 10 mins and ideally try to keep it under 25 mins.

Video #2:  Introduction video for Instagram.  (Look for samples on our IG page)

Intro Video Format: This video is no more then 40 seconds long. Similar to the other video; start with the before photo and then reveal yourself as the after. (Or I can edit into the video.) Briefly introduce yourself (first name and Instagram handle only) give 1-2 key facts about your journey and then encourage everyone to go to WlstoriesTV to hear your video.

Tips for both videos: 

  If you use your phone to shoot the video; please do so with the phone horizontally. (This is best for YouTube.)

Unless you know how to edit video try to do the video in one smooth take.

 Pre-plan what you want to say. Use flash  / Index cards or notes to help you.

Rehearse. While it might take some time a couple test runs will improve the overall video.

Pick a location to shoot the video that will be comfortable for you and allow some time for you to shoot a quality video.

Don’t be afraid to be raw. Be original. This isn’t a formal speech. Pretend that you are talking to someone who is JUST starting their journey. You are giving them hope, encouragement and support!

How to Submit:

Please upload your finished video to your google drive account. Once uploaded please share the file with us using this email: Once completed please message us on IG or Facebook and let me know to look for it. Here is a link to google drive. Google’s free online file storage. (This is better then just emailing the video and this will ensure the video stays in HD format.)

Before you begin PLEASE make sure you sign up above!! 

WLStoriesTV hosts all video on Youtube.

By submitting your video you acknowledge you agree to the general terms & conditions of wlstories: Shown Here