I take great pride in saying the community is NOT mine. It’s OURS. I will ALWAYS welcome suggestions and improvements. What has made wlstories the phenomenon it’s become is that no one person is actually in control of it. I do what the community sees  / feels best. I will always listen whenever I can. Considering the number of DM’s and emails I get to be posted the best way to send your suggestions is with the community survey. 

You’re suggestions put into action; Examples of survey suggestions we’ve implemented. 

• Adding a “Starting Tip” from the featured person at the end of the everyone’s bio.

• Created a free online community forum were people can ask questions, ask for help and offer help no matter where you are in your journey. Beginners AND people who’ve been on the journey a while are both welcome equally!! Check out the forum:

•  Eliminate the previous held rule of posting someone only once. I saw it as trying to be fair to everyone, I did try to encourage updates but those didn’t work out well. So; new rule: if it’s been 6 months since you’ve been posted you are eligible to be posted again!


 Survey is still open. It only takes 60 seconds!! Hearing from YOU helps me make this community even better! YOUR opinions matter!! Everyone who completes the survey will also be entered to win a prize. Prizes (multiple) will be awarded randomly over time. I plan on making the survey a long term project to collect as much info as possible.

Note: Since wlstories is a non profit organization rest assured that we will NEVER sell or share this information with anyone.