This is the sign up list for Wlstories8 The “Ocho.” We keep the sign up lists for every page we have separate.

If you’re looking to be featured on any page other then Wlstories8 apply using the link in that page bio.

Now that is out of the way let’s focus on what the heck is Wlstories8 The “Ocho.”? 

Wlstories8 The “Ocho.” is designed to return more creative control of your story, non scale victory or even expression of your weight loss journey to you. This is YOUR story, express it anyway you like. What you want to submit is entirely up to YOU. We encourage NON “side by side” weight loss pics but accept them as well.  We are a HUGE fan of any post you submit that is a non scale victory (NSV) those will generally get to skip the wait-list.

Bio Rules:

There are virtually no bio rules.  **Besides the obvious stuff folks. No hate, nudity, ads, stuff that sounds like ads (including excessive “FOLLOW” suggestions, weird stuff in general. Try to stay within the topic of weight loss but feel free to take a very wide angle lens to the story telling. Good rule of thumb: If you have to ask…it’s a no. Even better rule of thumb: Be a decent human being.

Photo Rules: The only photo requirements is that you must watermark your photo. If you don’t know how we will do it for you but it will delay your posting. This requirement is because of too many jackasses that steal photos to sell ebooks / shake-weights etc. BTW, when you see that crap PLEASE REPORT THOSE ACCOUNTS!! Generally a typical before and after photo works best.

You can submit by filling out the google doc form below. PLEASE READ it in detail. At the end there will be instructions on where to send your photo!! If you don’t read the confirmation message after you submit you’re kinda out of luck dude.

Remember: People who make positive comments to people we post will ALWAYS move up the list fast!!!  

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