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Message from the editor; -Keith

I created WLStories because I wish it existed when I first started my journey. While it’s true that most people give up (sometimes before it even starts) there isn’t a lot dedicated to WHY people give up. Weight loss is one of the most difficult journeys a person will ever go on in their entire life. It’s not as much a one time event as it is changing your entire life down to it’s inner core. It’s daunting if damn near impossible.

Let me take you back to that feeling that EVERYONE in this community has felt at one point in time. Remember when you walked into the gym for the very first time? Remember that feeling of being nervous, scared even. Were people looking at you? Looking through you? Self conscious about how you looked, how you felt, were people noticing that you were lost? The few that succeed on this journey don’t care. They walk into the gym like those moms who are able to lift a care off their trapped child. They FINALLY just DO NOT CARE what it feels like, what people think because they have a job to do, they have a mission to accomplish and NOTHING will get in their way…..That was me.

Don’t get me wrong I wanted to give up a lot. Walked out of the gym after 15 mins in pure disgust of myself. The only help I ever got was short lived. Why? people their “help” came with a bill. I don’t have to tell you how crazy it is because I know you ALL have experienced it. And it’s never cheap! I’m pretty sure a trainer wanted me me to pay his rent. Trainers, coaches, nutritionists, ponzi scheme product pushers…. Weight loss is hard enough without some jackass trying to sell you something.

It shouldn’t have to be this way!  We out number them all! Even if it was just slightly easier. Can you imagine the lives we can save! WLStories started because I wish I had people there for me. Encourage, support, show love with no strings attached. Make it easier for me to walk back into the gym after walking out because I was angry and disgusted at myself. I continue this project everyday because today somewhere in the world someone is starting their journey feeling tremendous pain and if they want it; we should be there for them.

…and because I’m selfish…supporting others GIVES US support. It keeps us honest and on track. It forces us to remember why we fight every day. We get EXACTLY what we put in. This isn’t an act of charity. We RISE together; that how I got the name WLTogether.

Thank you again for everything you’ve given me. I will work hard to deserve your kindness. Please invest your time and effort into this project. You will save a life!


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