This is a weight loss support program like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before!

Myself (Keith) and a few wlstories motivational coaches would like to provide FREE personal weight loss coaching to a few people. There is be absolutely ZERO sales!!! Wlstories is a NOT FOR PROFIT organization. We’re just looking to help people and make a impact we can actual measure and see beyond generally “inspiring others” The only thing that will ever be asked of you is that you TRY. You might fail…we might fail… but if we try we all will gain something. Give back to the community only by showing your support with positive comments and encouraging others. That’s all we will EVER ask. ….CAN YOU DO THAT?

This is a system.

Quite simply this is what I’ve done to maintain the weight loss I’ve had over the past 5 years.  I’ll explain…

Weight loss is isn’t ONE decision. It’s about 10 decisions a day. What to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc. Tiny changes in these decisions can add up to weight gained or lost.  Ever go to a restaurant and have to make a choice of a epic cheat meal or something healthy?… and usually you sell yourself on something epic. This system is designed to help you make these tiny daily decisions EASIER and BETTER for you.

FACT: It’s impossible to leave your health journey / forget about your journey if you are surrounded by people on the journey as well. 

I created a support system using Instagram’s own algorithm to OUR journey’s advantage. By showing positive support and encouragement to others daily; two things will happen.

1. The person who receives the support  / word of encouragement will fell better about themselves and believe in themselves a little bit more.

2. (The magic part) You, taking the time out of your day and writing this word of encouragement for others will be a little reminder to yourself that you’re on this journey. You are accountable for your decisions and being accountable to help others believe in themselves. Remember those 10 daily decisions I mentioned above? You would be amazed how much easier those decisions become when you surround yourself in the community.


I know when I first started I had A LOT of questions. Knowledge is power in this journey. What should I eat / how to work out / how to handle different decisions etc. I created a PRIVATE Facebook group and asked experts in their fields / people I respect to staff it. EVERYONE who joins WLBeginning will be entered into this group. (If you have a Facebook account.) This group is at your disposal for free and for life. So just in case you need a little more then motivation…we got your back. 

It’s also not going to be easy. This will be one of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life! No joke. I started the wlstories community because I wish it existed when I first started my journey. I started WLBeginning because I know we as a community CAN help people and there is no greater sin then to have the power to help and sit idle.

This will be work. I can’t stress this enough. I have a set of expectations of the members in this group. I ask and expect you to honor those expectations. Not for me, not even for the other people in the group…but for YOURSELF.

  1. When you are posted you will personally reply to every positive comment you receive.
  2. You will leave a positive comment directed to the person we feature that day every time possible. (Try for every day but frankly I respect vacations, trips, illness etc)
  3. DON’T BE SHY. Be vocal. If you’re not doing well make a post about it in the Facebook group. Doing well? Post about it. Show love, give love, reply to people in need. Simple.
  4. Post a positive comment to the others we post in the general wlstories community whenever possible. (This is part of the surrounding yourself in positivity and people on the journey part.) This includes @wlstories and @wlstories8 on Instagram.


I promise I will do everything within my power to help you on your journey. This membership is free but there is a cost. Your time and commitment. Our wins will be sweeter and our failure will be softened when we experience them together.

If you want to give this a try and do what I’ve basically been doing the past 5 years myself…. the sign up sheet is below.